2020-10-18 Windermere

With restrictions on geographic areas due to the virus, a couple of us went to Windermere

Map with GPS track (click on icons)

Many yachts but very few in use

Good to see the ferry running

There was blue-green algae near the shore. I guess the swans don't mind it.

Talking of swans that's MV Swan. The cruisers were proving popular.

The National Trust cafe at FellFoot

A good lunch spot nearby

Is the swimmer aware of the blue-green algae ?

A few SUPers

Quite a pleasant day really

No problems with social distancing

Wake surfing: start off with a towline, but once up to speed discard it, and surf on the wake. The boats make a huge wake at the speed limit of 10mph.

Sad to see quite a few abandoned yachts

But one or two super sized

'Rock hopping' among the islets

A good day out before further virus restrictions are applied