2020-08-06 Pace Action Demo

A demo of the Tiderace Pace Action, courtesy of South Coast Canoes.

Map with GPS track (click on icons)

The sun was out, it was hot and the Mudeford Quay car park was chocker. Blinkers on, I found a convenient slot not far from the slipway. Once on the water there was no issue with social distancing. Paddling upwind alongside Mudeford sandbank, I was using wing paddles to begin with and the Action was zipping along; its efficient hull shape enables a fast cruising pace. Turning around the Action was quick to accelerate onto the small swell waves on the way back in. After a few more ins and outs and lunch on the beach, the ebbing tide was forming a race off Hengistbury head. Although paddling solo, the conditions were easy enough for a few forays into the race, experimenting with the rudder down then up to experience the handling in the lumpy sea state. Back in the harbour the Action showed off it's manoeverability by rudder up, full edged tight turns (sides dipped over the spraydeck). Finally a sprint or two chasing some surfskis to gain almost 11k hull speed. An incredibly versatile, comfortable and performant sea kayak with exceptional build quality; a fitting replacement for my Tiderace Xcite.