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Deck mounted contact tow (& rebuild)

The towline was originally built with DMM bent gate carabiners as pictured. THESE CARABINERS ARE NOW DEEMED UNSUITABLE. The spring is some form of plastic and slipped out of position recently leaving the carabiner open. The rebuilt towline can be seen further down the page.

There is a quick release knot for emergency release. It's a Simple Simon Over with drawloop. This is a secure knot and will release under tension, shown here loose for clarity.

The tow line is installed under the deck lines so that the carabiners wrap over the top ready for deployment. The line can be lengthened by unhooking the second carabiner and attaching it to the towline (picture to come).

Note that the knot remains in the middle, readily accessible.

Pull the long tail to release in emergency.

Here is another contact tow built with 316 stainless steel carabiners.

Materials for building the new towline. Kraken carabiners from Whetman Equipment, hog-ties rubbaweld and rope.

Fixing the rope around the carabiner with two hog-ties. A similar loop was tested and supported 85kg easily.

Wrapping in rubbaweld to keep the rope in position on the carabiner.

Excess for lengthening if needed and shrink wrapped so there is no confusion with the emergency quick release.

Finished product.

Home > Sea Kayaking > Kit > Deck mounted contact tow (& rebuild)

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