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Hand pump storage

Over the years I've seen hand pumps stored on the deck of a sea kayak, typically held under a single bungee. In surf or rough seas it will easily be washed away and retrieval will be a hassle. I was storing my pump under a couple of bungees and sandwiched between the split spare paddles on the front deck but recently in a rough water practice session the arrangement was becoming dislodged. Some people store it in the cockpit and although it might not be quite so quick to grab for use, it's out of the way and won't get lost.

Looking at the footrest slider support (my Xcite has the Smarttrack), I found that since it was straight and the side of the kayak was slightly curved, that there's a gap of a 2-3 millimetres between the middle of the track and the hull. I cut and bent a piece of plumbing pipe, 50mm diameter and about 5cm length to fit down behind the track. It holds itself in situ and forms a neat clip to retain the pump. I removed the floating sleeve.

Close up

The piece of pipe, cut and bent ready to force the more open section behind the track. The plastic is quite springy and holds itself nicely in position.

Home > Sea Kayaking > Kit > Hand pump storage

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