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Sea kayak sailing

After twenty years of windsurfing it was only a matter of time before trying a sail on a sea kayak.

A 'sprit' sail was made from a shower curtain and rigged onto my Rockpool Alaw Bach.

A robust mount was strapped around the hull over the front hatch.

It was about 1.5 sqm in area and it worked amazingly well.

When not in use it was stored in a plastic tube on the deck.

View from the cockpit, one could just sit back and relax with the Greenland paddle acting as a very efficient rudder.

After changing kayaks, the sail was fitted to the Rockpool GT.

After changing kayaks again, I purchased a Flat Earth sail and fitted it to the P&H Delphin.

See here for a full description of the fitting.

The Flat Earth sail at 0.8sqm is smaller than the homemade sail. The homemade sailing experience was more like traditional sailing whereas the Flat Earth sailing experience is better described as 'Paddle-Sailing'.

Home > Sea Kayaking > Kit > Sea kayak sailing

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