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Trolley - 2020

The trolley has evolved over the years, updated 2019-2020



Commercial trolleys typically position the kayak high off the ground, do not attach well to the kayak and on rough beaches they can easily be dislodged or the whole setup may even collapse. This trolley puts the kayak lower to the ground and the attachment is rock solid.


The assembly consists of two wooden side frames, an axle, two wheels, an anti roll bar and a towing handle. It attaches to the kayak by ropes and straps.


These are from a golf cart trolley. They are wide and lightweight but the tread is not that well attached to the core of the wheel so cable ties are used to ensure the tread stays on the wheel. The wheels are held in place on the axle by stainless steel spring clips with plastic washers. The bearings consist of an outer spacer of wood with a core piece of plastic tubing (push fit plumbing). The plastic tube on the alloy axle seems to work well.


The axle is composite; an alloy tube from the DIY store with a wooden dowel epoxied up the middle.


Each frame part is made from softwood 40mm x 30mm section x 500mm long. The main length of the frame is planed to an angle to conform approximately to the cross sectional shape of the kayak. A block of 40mm x 30mm is attached under the middle to give a bit of height. A piece of 70mm x 45mm section, 80mm long is at the bottom and is drilled to take the axle. Two long woodscrews hold the 3 pieces together. The axle passes through the bottom piece; this gives the whole structure rigidity. On the top of the frame is some sticky backed dense foam from the kayak shop often used to line seats. The wood is finished in Danish oil.

Anti yaw rope tucked under deck line

Anti roll bar

Complete attachment

Towing handle


Although the trolley doesn't compare with commercial trolleys for cosmetics, it performs better than any other trolley I've seen. Its easy to pull, doesn't wobble like most do, is more robust, quick to assemble or disassemble and stores easily in the kayak. The only maintenance needed is to occasionally clean out the bearings in the wheels.

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